Twitter Real-time World Maps

Yes, I admit it. I do have a thing  for maps that show how people communicate. I'd like to share two with you that record real-time Twitter activity and I think they are both amazing. Please click on the link to the sites so that you can view them full screen.

A World Of Tweets is a fantastic creation by Carlo Zapponi. This site illustrates tweets from around the world through the use of "heat spots" to show where there is Twitter activity. The information is further broken down into giving the top tweeting countries from each continent. Interesting to see the results. You can view the site here.

Tweetping is created by Frank Ernewein. This world map shows tweets live as they happen flashing up on a map of the world. If you are quick enough you may be able to read them. The bottom part of the site gives you a breakdown of the stats of how many tweets are sent and the hashtags that are used. You can view the site here.