Tweeter Street 

Tweeter Street is a photo project that captures Twitter users where they tweet with what they tweet. The aim of this project is to photograph 140 twitter users - one person for each character of a tweet. 

The idea arose from looking at the "nearby tweets" section on a phone application and wondering where these people were and about the environment in which they tweeted. In other words, I wanted to capture the essence of the "tweet-context". The project aims to humanise the experience of social media by illustrating that actual people in real situations are behind the updates.

Tweeter Street is looking for tweeters to be part of this project, no matter where in the world you are I would love you hear from you. If you are an organisation that would like to be part of Tweeter Street through sponsorship or partnership please contact me so we can discuss.  

When I am not working on Tweeter Street I work as photographer and shoot for editorial,  corporate design and advertising clients. You can find out more about this at

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